Melbourne North Community Consultative Committee (CCC)

The PCCC is now known as the Melbourne North Police Community Consultative Committee to highlight the fact that it contains a wide variety of groups and organisations drawn from the region.

This group, which encompasses Carlton, Parkville, North Melbourne and Kensington, has continued as a flagship for other ailing PCCCs in response to a recommendation from Police Region 1 command that PCCCs be disbanded. There are approximately 26 PCCC members at the
present time and discussions are being held as to whether there are other groups that should be invited to belong. The committee met monthly in 2014.

PCCC has developed a Mission Statement which asks each organisation to specify what it expects from PCCC. Also an adjusted version of the PCCC Constitution has been adopted. Senior Sergeant Troy Burg from North Melbourne Police wants to streamline the manner of communicating through PCCC members information regarding crime in the area and the policing approaches being adopted to cope with this.

Through support from PCCC Leading Senior Constable Nick Parissis continues to conduct the annual camp for kids programme and PCCC has once again donated $500 for the purchase of items for the annual food/toy drive.

Latest information for the community:

  • Senior Constable Haworth of the Melbourne Highway patrol provided information in regards to their emphasis on cyclists and related issues, particularly with safety and enforcement of road rules. In the previous year up to 31st of October there were 209 injury
    collisions involving cyclists in the City of Melbourne; 39 of these involved motorists opening doors on cyclists
  • ¬†inconsistencies in road design/markings can also play a part in collisions, dangerous behaviour.