Green Spaces Game,     Living Pavilion

CRA ran a session on making green spaces in Carlton at the Living Pavilion on 11 May 2019. The Living Pavilion was a transdisciplinary project of the University of Melbourne that connected Indigenous knowledge, ecological science, sustainable design and participatory arts.

CRA’s session brought 15 people together to explore common stakeholder issues in support and opposition to greening initiatives through an interactive game. Workshop participants worked towards win-win solutions and then considered how to apply that thinking to local action in Carlton.

Participants found value in the game as shown below by a selection of feedback comments.

Great experience of the value of collaboration and diverse thinking that comes from this kind of multi-stakeholder process

 I liked the idea of having to adopt a “character” that is NOT you … it makes you think about [and through] issues that you may have avoided!

Here is a link to a the files for the game which can be printed on A4 pages (instructions, player cards, tokens). The game board itself is A1 size.


CRA promotes CoM Greening Policy and has long lobbied MCC Planning Committee for increased Median Strip Greening. The idea of returning median car parking areas to greenspace has been a focus for many years and was emphasised in the Carlton 2010 vision document.


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