About CRA

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The Carlton Residents Association is a democratic, non-party political body. Its purpose is to act as an  advocate of the residents of Carlton (defined by postcode 3053) and those who wish to preserve all that is good about Carlton. CRA represents your views at community level, and to government.

CRA has many members from all over Carlton, including “Friends of Carlton” members living outside Carlton and sponsors who support our purposes. We welcome new members, since we aim to be as representative and inclusive as possible. Membership is not restricted to residents living in heritage houses. All residents are warmly welcomed.

CRA provides opportunities to meet others in the neighbourhood and participate in the Carlton community. In addition to monthly Committee meetings, to which all are invited, occasional general meetings are held with interesting guest speakers on a range of topics. Working Groups have been established to monitor respective areas of interest  and report to the Committee on a regular basis.

Historically the CRA has been a strong force for the good in Carlton. In the absence of Ward Councillors, the CRA holds ‘the line’ on matters which concern us all.