Addressing Planning issues

Addressing Planning issues that may affect you!

Historically CRA has facilitated objections to inappropriate development with the aim of preserving the heritage and liveability of Carlton…….But……CRA no longer has the resources to monitor and action objections to all such proposals. …….However, the need to do so, remains and is, of utmost importance if we are to successfully retain these values.

The CRA Planning Reference Group (PRG) will still monitor planning applications lodged with the City of Melbourne (CoM) after they have been advertised. CRA will still endeavour to identify proposals which are either inappropriate and or potentially problematic.

If a proposal is deemed to affect the public realm significantly, CRA will aim to initiate an appropriate response.

If a proposal is of less significance, but could be of concern to local residents, it will be identified for the affected residents to decide whether to object.

CRA will assist members to participate constructively in this process by offering the following:

  • A summary of edited CoM planning applications will be maintained on the CRA website to inform members of applications which the PRG considers potentially problematic. Here
  • An archive of previously submitted objections by CRA, also on the website, for members reference and guidance in drafting their objections. Here
  • A suite of resources to access relevant sections of the planning scheme and a step by step guide for their use can be found here on the CRA website.

Another recommended reference relevant to the preceding is, the instructive article on page 2 in the
2019 June Newsflash

The PRG may have been unaware of, or not have identified all of the applications which may be problematic.
Therefore, the PRG invites members to advise the group of applications which the member has identified and is concerned about.

The PRG, if able, will offer advice on the preparation of objections.

What to do if you do identify a problematic application.
The general philosophy of an individual(s) objecting to a planning application is as follows:

  • Does this proposal comply with the relevant requirements of the CoM Planning Scheme?
  • How does this proposal affect me?

These two considerations are not mutually exclusive. A basic submission objecting to the granting of a planning permit can consist of a simple statement of how this proposal will affect you and your property.

Technically, your concerns may not be relevant to town planning deliberations, which are dictated by the legislated controls within the CoM planning scheme.

However. you can strengthen your submission if you can identify aspects of the proposal which fail to meet the guidelines or requirements of the planning scheme.  The sources referred to above will assist you in this.

If inappropriate development is of any concern to you, then you should refer to the CRA summary of CoM planning applications on a regular basis. Here

Alternatively you can access the unedited list of CoM town planning applications by visiting:

The most expeditious pathway is to select the Date Range option and Carlton as the suburb, this will generate a list of all applications for Carlton for the time frame chosen.

Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these steps for a suggested process.


  1. Be aware of any planning applications which will affect you by:
  • Looking out for advertised planning information (the yellow notice) in your area
  • Regularly access the summary of planning applications on the CRA website
    It can be found here.
  1. Decide if an application is likely to affect you.
  2. For more information about the proposal:
  • Click on the TP application number ie. TP-2020-100, on the CRA website summary. This will take you to CoM Permits Register, with relevant drawings and documents for applications which have been advertised.
  • Ring the City of Melbourne (CoM) planning department to speak with the planning officer dealing with the application. The officers name can be found on the CRA summary or the CoM application register.
  1. Contact CRA Plannning Reference Group for advice:

CRA Planning email:

It is important to note that the formal cut off for the acceptance of objections is two weeks after advertising commences, However in practice, objections are usually accepted up until the relevant decision (Notice of Decision) has been made. This however is indeterminate.