CLC – Community Liaison Committee – Public Housing

The Carlton Residents Association has continued to be represented on the Community Liaison Committee. This group was established by the State Government to provide advice on the major redevelopment of public housing estates in Carlton. Current committee membership includes public housing tenants, The City of Melbourne, representatives of the private developers Australand and Citra, community service providers and DHS staff.

Carlton Public Housing Estates redevelopment began in 2006 and is drawing to a close. It has involved major buildings works on the three Housing Estates: Elgin-Nicholson, Lygon-Rathdowne and Keppel-Cardigan.
The most significant change is the introduction of large tracts of private housing (800 units).

The State Government’s longer term plan is to introduce place based management where an integrated approach will be taken to promoting the health and wellbeing of both private and public housing residents on the estates.

Demolition and redevelopment of Housing Commission site, Canning Street

Recent Developments:

  • A Chapel building (Keppel-Cardigan) has been converted into a community facility and will provide much needed accommodation for the Carlton Toy Library, currently at Trades Hall.
  • An attractive refurbished park is also being developed in Neill Street by the Council.