Carlton Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building

The recently advertised 2021 draft World Heritage Strategy Plan for the World Heritage Environs Area surrounding the Royal Exhibition Buildings and Carlton Gardens can be accessed here.

Read the submission from the Friends of the Carlton Gardens Royal Exhibition Building CRA Working Group here

World Heritage Environs Area again under threat.

Proposed developments by St. Vincent’s Hospital
1.  St. Vincent’s Hospital PLN20/0567:27 & 31 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy
Gertrude St. PLN20/0566:1-9 Gertrude Street. Fitzroy.
Read the Carlton Residents response to the above here

World Heritage Environs Area Review 2020

*  The Community Consultation, June/July 2020, Summary Report is now available.
Access the report here or on the Engage Victoria website in Supporting Documents

*  Review of the World Heritage Strategy Plan for the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens World Heritage Environs Area, April 2020 –  Discussion Paper – Read it here.
Access the CRA response to the Discussion paper July 2020  here

The Carlton Gardens are under threat due to inappropriate commercial exploitation.

Neither the Council nor the State Government have the will to properly protect the world heritage site. A long standing campaign is being waged to maintain the integrity of the Carlton Gardens for residents and the people of Victoria.

The Carlton Residents Association and Fitzroy Residents Association joined forces and with the help of Adam Bandt obtained government funding to restore the viewing area at the base of the Royal Exhibition Building dome to its former glory including a passenger elevator.

The REB and Gardens were added to the World Heritage list in 2004 as one of the few ‘world fair’ buildings from the 19th century and the only surviving Great Hall of the Palace of Industry, the centrepiece of the International Exhibitions


The Museum of Victoria website has information on the Gardens and the REB as it has overall control of the site.