Heritage Issues:

National Trust Advocacy Toolkit

A free online resource created by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) to support individuals and communities to advocate for the protection of places of cultural heritage significance.
Currently five guides have been producedAccess the toolkit at: https://www.nationaltrust.org.au/advocacy-toolkit/

Heritage Policy Review

The outcome of this Review could have a major impact on your home or street.
The resulting Planning Scheme Amendment C258 has now been exhibited.

CRA_Supplementary Submission wrt Heritage Places Inventory [19 Jan 2018]
Read CRA Submission (May 2017) here

Heritage Policy Review -CRA Submission 160205
Access the background information here

Carlton Inn/Corkman

Read CRA Submission to Amendment C320
Past information Working Group to Resurrect the Corkman 2 December 2016
Stakeholder Summit minutes 23/11/2016    21/10/2016