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The City of Melbourne Heritage Review—December 2021 update

According to a City of Melbourne Media release (issued 18 November 2021) the City is moving to protect one of the city’s oldest and most cherished neighbourhoods, with the release of the final Carlton Heritage Review.

More than 20 new sites in Carlton have been identified for heritage protection, including the much-loved Lincoln Square, the Chinese Church of Christ and a former manufacturing building at RMIT University.

Heritage portfolio lead Councillor Rohan Leppert said the Carlton heritage review is the latest in a series of independent expert reviews to identify and protect the city’s heritage‘We’ve been stepping up our protection for sites of significant heritage value to Melbourne, providing certainty and clarity to landowners, businesses and the community,’ Cr Leppert said.

‘As Melbourne continues to evolve and suburbs like Carlton attract more attention from developers, businesses and new residents, it’s important that the Melbourne Planning Scheme reflects what is valued by the community. The Carlton Heritage Review will soon go to public exhibition, to ensure that proposed heritage protections meet public expectations.’

Former Children’s Hospital Administration Block – 15-31 Pelham Street

Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece said Carlton’s unique history and character deserve the strongest level of heritage protection.

‘Everywhere you turn in Carlton there are architectural jewels and historic places, such as the site of the former Children’s Hospital Precinct on Pelham Street. Established in 1876, this was Victoria’s principal hospital for children and paediatric care for almost 90 years.’

It is expected that this public exhibition will commence in February 2022, but for those CRA members with a commitment to Heritage, most (if not all) of the documents that will be exhibited in 2022 may be downloaded from the City of Melbourne website:  (Agenda Item 6.3)

Most of the important files are included in the download Parts 2, 3 and 4.

Part 2 of 4 includes the Methodology Report, and the Thematic Environmental History (from p.47)

Part 3 of 4 includes the Revised Statement of Significance for the Carlton Precinct (from p.345), and

Part 4 of 4 Attachment 5 (from p.121) the Permanent Protection Files Am C405

 Navigating these documents presents quite a challenge; there is considerable repetition, and some of the important files are ‘split’ between two parts (for example, the Citations for the Existing Heritage Places are spread over Parts 2 and 3). These Citations include Statements of Significance for the ‘Individual’ Heritage Overlays, which are also filed separately in the Permanent Protection Files (Am C405).

Further, the Revised Statement of Significance for the Carlton Precinct repeats much of the content from the Thematic Environmental History. For residents wanting to track how the Heritage Places have translated from the former letter gradings into the new Significant/Contributory Grading System will be disappointed. Unlike the West Melbourne Heritage Study, there is no comprehensive table that tracks ALL the grading translations.

Useful references:

Heritage Places Inventory March 2018 to November 2021 – Carlton

Carlton, North Carlton and Princes Hill – Conservation Study 1984

City of Melbourne Heritage Strategy 2013

MELBOURNE PLANNING SCHEME C198 -City North Heritage Review 2013 Statements of Significance (Revised June 2015)

Applying the Heritage Overlay- Planning Practice Note 1 August 2018

THE BURRA CHARTER – The Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance 2013

Heritage Policy Review

The outcome of this Review could have a major impact on your home or street.
The resulting relevant Planning Scheme Amendment is C258.

 The CRA prepared and presented a comprehensive submission identifying numerous
omissions, errors and inconsistencies. The CRA submissions are below.

CRA_Supplementary Submission wrt Heritage Places Inventory [19 Jan 2018]
Read CRA Submission (May 2017) here

Heritage Policy Review -CRA Submission 3 February 2016

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National Trust Advocacy Toolkit

A free online resource created by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) to support individuals and communities to advocate for the protection of places of cultural heritage significance.
Currently five guides have been producedAccess the toolkit at:

Carlton Inn/Corkman

Read CRA Submission to Amendment C320
Past information Working Group to Resurrect the Corkman 2 December 2016
Stakeholder Summit minutes 23/11/2016    21/10/2016