CRA planning objections and VCAT Hearings idaho

86 – 94 Pelham Street – TP-2015-742  19 August      Cnr Cardigan Street

Construction of an 8 storey mixed use development currently 4 storey height limit.
CRA awaiting details

79-87 Canning St – TP-2015-694 5 August

Demolish existing building and construct 8 new townhouses
CRA concerns were: overlooking, overshadowing, heritage and set back issues.
CoM issued NOD to grant a permit with conditions patrially addressing CRA concerns. CRA will not be appealing the CoM decision.
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Read CoM Notice of Determination

701-703 Swanston Street – TP-2013-337/A  1 June

Seeking to amend previous permit conditions to allow playing amplified music on rooftop.
CRA concerned by potential amenity issues for surrounding residents
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53-63 Queensberry Street – TP-2014-399  26 May

Romanian Orthodox Church
Application to create permanent vehicular access to Church front garden.
CRA has heritage concerns
CoM refused application.
Applicant has appealed to VCAT. Hearing deferred from 24 Sept to 14 Dec 2015
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Read CoM Refusal to Grant Permit

Challis Lane – proposal to name lane

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23-31 Lincoln Square South – TP-2015-440  25 May

Hearing date 16 November 2015
Applicant lodged VCAT appeal based on CoM failure to issue a decision within the prescribed time and has lodged amended drawings reducing the number of storeys to 15
Read CRA objection

101-103 Drummond Street – TP-2015-384  11 May

To develop and use the premises for student accommodation
CRA requested appropriate site management controls
Read CRA Objection

66-68 Lygon Street – Downtowner – VCAT Appeal – TP-2014-734  1 September

Hearing complete
VCAT decision by 2 November 2015
Read CRA Advice to Objectors
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Refusal to Grant a Permit

100-102 Bouverie Street – TP-2015-273  8 April

VCAT Appeal February 2016
Applicant lodged the appeal based on CoM failure to issue a decision within the prescribed time
Read CRA Objection

176-178 Canning Street – TP-2015-295  15 April

2 Storey extension to existing dwelling.
CRA’s concerns relate to over shadowing of adjoining open space
Read CRA objection

193-197 Nicholson Street – Fernwood Gymnasium – TP-1998-476/A  29 April 2015

Permit issued, CRA and objector concerns largely addressed by the permit conditiions.
Read CoM permit conditions
Read CRA objection to this application

41 Macarthur Place South – TP-2014-1013  18 November

Concerns regarding height and bulk. Heritage report requested.
Read CRA objection

15 – 31 Pelham St Carlton – TP-2013-630  12 August


The City of Melbourne’s ‘Refusal to Grant a Permit’ was upheld by VCAT at the November 2014 hearing

CRA objection outline:

Carlton Residents Association believes that this proposal,  resulting in an 8 storey building, is inappropriate for the following reasons:

  • The scale, height and bulk are all excessive
  • It is inappropriate within the Royal Exhibition Building World Heritage Buffer zone
  • It degrades the adjacent heritage listed buildings at 31-35 Pelham Street and 150 Drummond St
  • The highly graded heritage streetscapes of Drummond, Rathdowne and Pelham Streets will be severely impacted
  • The amenity of the existing dwellings in the two residential buildings at 121 and 125 –139 Rathdowne Street will be severely diminished