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Autumn 2008

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The CRA Restructure: The way forward

The CRA has transformed itself! At the AGM the new structure based on Reference Groups was approved and we are confident that this devolved non-hierarchical structure will encourage participation at various levels of commitment. Thank you to CRA members who have already stepped forward to engage with CRA Reference Groups and activities. BUT – we need more involvement still! Carlton needs all the support it can get since the challenges we face are many and varied.
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Demographic and Boundary Changes

Carlton & North Carlton

A reminder that North Carlton was excised from Carlton during the Kennett years leaving the Carlton 3053 precinct very much depleted. This boundary change obviously swelled the rate coffers in Yarra but the impact on Carlton was adverse.
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Kensington reunited

After 14 years as part of the City of Moonee Valley, from 1 July 2008 Kensington will rejoint under the City of Melbourne. The Kensington Residents Association conducted a poll of resident opinion, which proved to be overwhelmingly in support of the move.
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Drunks and Nuisance Noise in the Municipality

Clearly things are reaching a crescendo – pardon the pun! It’s really no laughing matter that CBD residents are increasingly alarmed at public drunkenness and the lack of restraint at night ‘clubs’ downtown. However, noise and nuisance is not only a headache for residents of the CBD.
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Carlton Gardens: Flower Show, World Heritage site obligations and climate change

Given the impact of climate change, the Carlton Gardens Group makes the valid point that, in these drought ravaged times, the granting of permits for commercial activities in already our seriously stressed public gardens is unacceptable. CoM and or the State authorities continue to grant such permits without consideration for the impact on vegetation in these difficult times.
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Eddington Inquiry & Carlton: East West Needs Assessment

Major State infrastructure policy is now dictated by commercial interests whose bottom line depends upon a steady flow of major projects funded by Public-Private Partnerships, so beloved of our State Government. The next major infrastructure project following Eastlink (Mitcham-Frankston Tollway) appears certain to be a $10 billion road tunnel link from the Eastern Freeway (Hoddle Street) further west to the Outer Ring Road in Deer Park. This controversial project has also been backed by the Eddington Inquiry, which recently reported its findings to the State Government.
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Development Density in Melbourne

The Oliver Hume Research Diary reports that of the 160 medium to high density projects being marketed in metropolitan Melbourne in December 2007, the highest number (25) were located in the City of Melbourne. A total of 5900 new units have been added to the housing stock. In the inner suburbs all types of accommodation (referred to as ‘product mix’) are designed with smaller floor areas (see
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Lygon Street 40kph Speed Zone

CRA has campaigned for many years to introduce a 40kph speed zone through the Lygon Street Precinct (Elgin St to Victoria St). The Carlton Business Association and Carlton police fully support the proposal. The City of Melbourne Planning Committee unanimously resolved on 5 Feb. 2008 to seek VicRoads approval for immediate introduction of the long-sought speed zone.
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Police Matters

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Planning Backlash (M2030)

Planning Backlash is a grassroots movement triggered by widespread dissatisfaction with the current planning blueprint – the regulatory document known as Melbourne 2030 (M2030) Resident Groups throughout Melbourne are opposed to Melbourne 2030. The Backlash group argues that the M2030 was flawed from the outset because it relied upon consultations with developers, builders, academics, and planners and lacked adequate resident or community input. It does not address neighbourhood character or amenity, both crucial elements in maintaining what we value most in Carlton.
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In Defence of the DDO

In January 2006 the Victorian Government imposed a new ‘design and development overlay’ (DDO) on the City of Melbourne. The Carlton postcode area is covered by several overlays that reflect the disparate nature of district; the design guidelines and height limits are tailored to the character of each particular section.
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Positive Development? We don’t need always to be adversarial!

Long-standing CRA members from Drummond St share a positive experience of appearing at VCAT to support a neighbour.

It may seem a little unusual, but we can report that we took great pleasure recently, along with another neighbour, in attending a VCAT sitting in support of our direct neighbour’s application to extend his house. The proposed extension is to the north of our house and little courtyard, which fact automatically raises the prospect of overlooking and increased shadowing.
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Carlton Demographic: Deprived area status?

Griffith University academic Assoc. Prof. Scott Baum has developed a ‘Deprivation index’. Using indicators such as employment levels, income, ethnic diversity, family composition, public housing demand and education, the research ranks suburbs according to ‘Deprivation’ levels.
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New Residential Planning Zones

Planning Minister, Hon. Justin Madden, made a low-key announcement in February that the existing established planning zones (Res Codes 1, 2 & 3) would be changed to:

  • Residential 2: Substantial Change (‘Go-Go’ zone)
  • Residential 1 & 3: Incremental Change (‘Slow-Go’ zone)
  • New Zone: Limited Change (‘No-Go’ zone)

The reason for the introduction of new zones is because development has ‘not been meeting State Objectives’ – in plain English that means M2030 has failed.
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Median Greening Update

CRA has lobbied the Council for increased green space in Faraday and Cardigan Streets for many years (see Newsflash, Summer 2008). The issue has been before the Council Planning Committee twice and the full Council once over the past year. The Carlton Business Association and the majority of Councillors will not sanction any net loss of on-street car parking from greening proposals.
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Bike Parking at Lygon Court

A proposal from Cr Fraser Brindley to convert two car parking spaces in front of Lygon Court to 26 bike parking spaces was endorsed by the Council Planning Committee on 4 March. Existing bike parking facilities are grossly inadequate to meet ever-increasing demand from cyclists. There is presently an unsightly and (for pedestrians) dangerous jumble of bikes tied to any fixed structure for security.
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Democratic Local Government – not in the City of Melbourne!

The Coalition of Residents Associations (CoRA) is calling upon the Premier, John Brumby and Local Member Bronwyn Pike, Minister for Local Government Richard Wynne and the Melbourne City Council to restore DEMOCRACY to Melbourne. Residents and many members of the business community call for a complete review of the Melbourne City Council, BEFORE the Council election on November 29, 2008.
CRA strongly supports CoRA in calling for an independent Electoral Review.
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The quest for adequate library services in Carlton 3053

The long awaited Melbourne Library Service Strategic Plan 2008 – 2018 was presented at the CoM Community Services Sub-committee (11/3) chaired by Cr. David Wilson.
The Plan recommended “full service library in Carlton should be developed over time”. While CRA is obviously pleased to find that our demands are endorsed by Council staff, the “over time” clause remains of concern. CRA argues that we have been waiting far too long already and the CoM is saving $300,000 p.a. on library services since it withdrew from its partnership with Yarra Libraries. CRA is puzzled, however, that the Melbourne Library Service.
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Harmony Day

Although there was chaos in the animal pen and rain clouds loomed, cohesion was the message for Harmony Day, organised by the Carlton Local Area Network, last Thursday 20 March.

Activities were held in the grounds opposite the Carlton Primary School and several hundred adults and children participated in a range of activities, including a lively drumming workshop, bead making and henna tattooing. Stalls run by local community members provided an opportunity to display and sell clothes, bags and crafts.
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CRA Christmas Party

The annual CRA Christmas Party at La Mama was a very happy, well-attended and successful end-of-year celebration. President Greta Bird briefly reported on highlights of 2007, including the ongoing campaign to aquire the Kathleen Syme Centre as a Community Centre for Carlton. Cr Peter Clarke proposed a toast to CRA. Local State Member, Hon Bronwyn Pike and Past President Sue Chambers addressed the assembled throng. We were delighted to have Sue and Don briefly back in Carlton, and able to join us in the celebrations.
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