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2019 June

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Working Groups

Parkland and Streetscapes
Green Spaces Game, Living Pavilion
CRA ran a session on making green spaces in Carlton at the Living Pavilion on 11 May 2019.
The Living Pavilion was a transdisciplinary project of the University of Melbourne that connected Indigenous knowledge, ecological science, sustainable design and participatory arts.
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The Carlton Residents Association has historically facilitated objections to inappropriate development in Carlton and has contributed to various successes over many years, preserving the heritage and livability of our community.
A recent review of the Planning Group activities demonstrated that CRA does not have the resources, human or financial, to maintain the monitoring and action roles that it has in the past. What does this mean for the residents?
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Making sense of City Planning in Melbourne – Some Issues May 2019
General comments
City Planning Authorities, including the City of Melbourne, have developed many plans and policies over the years which indicate the way in which they would like to see the City develop. However, it must be acknowledged that, for much of the City, there is no guarantee that any approved plans will be implemented.
The article makes available important resources to access information on planning processes
and planning applications.
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Corkman demolition outcome –  demonstrates that current planning controls are not fit for purpose
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VCAT hearing: 16 – 22 Drummond Street
Dates:  Hearing: 12-16 August
The background:  Potentially Dangerous Precedence for Carlton’s Heritage
A recent town planning application for the redevelopment of the properties at 16 to 22 Drummond Street, TP-2018-892,
has aroused much interest for all the wrong reasons.
The proposal includes the demolition of all but the front wall and verandahs and a portion of the north and south boundary walls.
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Traffic, Transport, Parking and Noise Abatement
CUT OUT THE MIDDLEMAN  —  DIY vehicular noise abatement
If you are bothered by noise of from vehicles then please phone Victoria Police.
The number is 03-8379-0800 menu item 2 for Highway Patrol.
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Topical issues

Update on a public space development program for Carlton
The CRA and City of Melbourne hosted a community forum in March, following a call for comment on a draft Urban Realm Action Plan, Melbourne Innovation District (MID) City North 2018 – 2023.
A copy of the forum communique is available on the CRA website.
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Community News

Emerging technology testbeds
City of Melbourne are creating an optimal environment for urban innovation by coordinating a series of test-beds to explore emerging technology including next-generation mobile networks like 5G.
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A Message from Ellen Sandell
We need a Parliament that represents all of us
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La Mama Reborn
On the morning of 19 May 2018, the iconic La Mama Theatre on Faraday Street was devastated by fire.
Rebuilding La Mama will restore the existing theatre building and allow construction of an entirely new structure
You can play a part in reopening La Mama, visit to make a donation.
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Carlton Harmony Day – Community Lunch

Carlton Harmony Day 2019 was a great success. Over 200 people attended, including a good diversity of participants. The community lunch encouraged people to interact as they shared a meal.
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