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2021 October

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Working groups

Parkland and Streetscapes

The CRA response to the Melbourne Planning Scheme Amendment regarding Sunlight to Public Parks (C278) was submitted TO FUTURE MELBOURNE COMMITTEE meeting 17 August 2021
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Traffic, Transport, Parking and Noise Abatement

Traffic in Carlton is a major influence on our quality of life. Although we have an excellent public transport network and good cycling and walking access, there are challenges from vehicular traffic – noise congestion, safety and air pollution. Our streets can be improved by good landscaping and by careful traffic management. The CRA Committee has agreed to see where we should modify our existing Traffic and Transport policies.
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Associated groups

Friends of the REB and Carlton Gardens  

Vacant buildings, for example the old Cancer Council building on the corner of Rathdowne Street and Victoria Parade, pose a threat to areas in Carlton. This one is in the World Heritage Environs area of the Royal Exhibition Building. Who is responsible? Can the owners be called to action?
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Review of the Strategy Plan for the Royal Exhibition Building (REB), Carlton Gardens (CG) and the World Heritage Environs Area (WHEA)

This review is underway.
The CRA has been active in making submissions for protection of these World Heritage areas.
Submissions closed 24 September 2021.
The Heritage Council will consider any planning scheme amendments and advise the Minister for Planning on any amendments.
The Minister for Planning is responsible for approving the Strategy Plan, with or without amendment, by publishing a notice in the Government Gazette, and for approving any planning scheme amendment to give effect to the Approved Strategy Plan.

How to stay informed
All updates relating to review of the World Heritage Management Plan and its component parts will be made available at
Information relating to any hearing held by the Heritage Council will be made available at
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Urgently needed: CRA Membership Officer

If you are able to offer your services to CRA in this way please email: with subject: Membership Officer
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Emerging Issues

News from Councillor Dr Oliva Ball

Council plan and budget
Review of the electoral system
Food and garden waste collection
Vaccine drive at REB
At last a park at the Corkman site
Council meeting in Carlton – Tuesday 16 November
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Topical issues

City of Melbourne (CoM) News

Council absorbs rate increase p6
The City of Melbourne is discounting rates for all commercial and residential ratepayers across the municipality at a total cost of $4.8 million.

On the hunt for Superb Fairy-wrens in Parkville
City of Melbourne is planning strategic vegetation works to improve habitat and ecological connectivity for small birds like the Superb Fairy-wren, within our municipality.
page 7

From Friends of the Queen Victoria Market

Heritage matters!
Since 2018, Queen Victoria Market (QVM) has been bestowed elevated heritage status by its inclusion on the National Heritage Listing and continual operation as a retail market since the 1870s.
page 7

News from state MP Ellen Sandell

Funding for Carlton North Primary School
Carlton North (Lee Street) Primary School is a great school, but like many of our heritage inner-city schools, it’s in desperate need of repairs.

New plants and trees to improve Melbourne General Cemetery
The last 18 months has shown all of us how much we need and value green open space. And in the inner city, every patch of green space is precious!
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