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The CRA newsletter contains in depth news and information about the activities of the Carlton Residents Association.

Hard copies of the CRA Newsflash are available at the Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre (KSLCC)

Spring 2015

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Working Groups

The Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre

I absolutely love it’, ‘it’s amazing’, ‘a wonderful and much needed facility’, ‘the staff are so friendly and helpful’, ‘I borrowed 30 books’ are typical exclamations from those enjoying Carlton’s very own library.
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* Plan Melbourne ‘refresh’

Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, said ‘I want to see us build a city that sets an example to the world for environmental sustainability, social equity, enhanced liveability and economic strength’.                                                         
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* New Amendments to the Melbourne Planning Scheme

An overview of the three Planning Amendments gazette on the 15th October by the Minister for Planning These Amendments, C196, C198, C173, affect parts of Carlton and North and West Melbourne.
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* Capital City Zone extends to Carlton

A CRA perspective on the above Amendments
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* Planning Applications
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 Traffic, Transport, Parking

* Melbourne Metro Rail woes
Development processes associated with the Melbourne Metro Rail Project appear as fraught as those of the disbanded East West Link tollroad. ‘When will they ever learn’?
page 6

* East West Link debate continues

In August, a rally on the steps of Parliament House attracted around 100 supporters with banners proclaiming Build the East West Link – Back the Liberals. Some 60 supporters of improved public transport joined an opposition rally under the banner Save Melbourne – Prioritise Public Transport. Much generally good-natured banter was exchanged between the two groups, including It’s done – just get over it.
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Associated Groups

Melbourne North (CCC)
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Community News

2015 Paul Mees Debate
The denser we get the happier we are.
This was the topic of an important and jovial debate held before a large enthusiastic audience at RMIT on 4 November 2015.
page 7

An Evening with Ellen Sandell
On 21 September CRA members and friends enjoyed a most informative evening with our State Member for Melbourne, Ellen Sandell MP
page 7

Green Power
Have you heard of GreenPower accreditation but never really understood what it’s about?
page 7

Wild Timor Coffee Co
This is the very popular social enterprise café near the Kathleen Syme Library entrance. It is also the brand name of its coffee.
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