CRA Planning Objections and Submissions

For recent status of the Town Planning Applications listed below,
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* 498-504 Swanston St, Carlton TP-2017-828 – 05 Jan 2018

500 Swanston Street (previously CFMEU Offices)
The proposed development on this site is seeking to construct 1 eighteen and seventeen storeys where the currenr DDO’s have preferred heights of nine
and eight storeys respectively. Needless to say rhat CRA considers the heights proposed are excessive. Other issues relating to boundary setbacks, inadequate provision for bicycles and staff carparking,etc.
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* 179 Grattan Street, Carlton – TP-2016-903 – 21 December 2017

This application proposes eight storeys plus a roof top terrace in an area predominately consisting of one and two storey terrace houses.
CRA submits that this fails to respond to the key heritage attributes of this section of Grattan Street.
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*47-49 Nicholson St – TP-2017- 714 – 12 October 2017

Partial demolition of existing building and construction of new additions to create 3 dwellings. CRA believes that. although the eastern section of the proposal is appropriate, the westen portion is not respectful of the adjoining heritage streetscape.
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*131-133 Station St – TP-2017- 380 – 11 October 2017

Demolish existing dwelling and construct 2 new dwellings. CRA believes that the architectural treatment of the proposed development is intrusive in this level 2 heritage streetscape.
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*288-290 Drummond St – TP-2017- 274 – 4 October 2017

Demolish existing building and construct 4 apartments (3 storeys) CRA believes that the architectural treatment of the proposed building does not respect the adjoining heritage streetscape.
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*6 O’Connell Lane – TP-2017- 651 – 4 October 2017

Two additional storeys to existing two storey dwelling. Exceeds the DDO 8m height limit and creates amenity issues for the adjoining property.
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* 623-645 Swanston St. TP-2017-761  – 03 October 2017

This is Lincoln House owned by Melbourne University. It is proposed to demolish existing heritage buildings on Swanston Street and construct new 4, 10 and 14 storey student accommodation.
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* 4-12 Leicester Place – TP-2017- 616 – 29 August 2017

Demolish existing building and construct a 15 storey residential hotel.
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*368-386 Lygon St – TP-2017- 486 (Lygon Court) – 15 August 2017

Alterations to Lygon St facade, which CRA believes will detract from the adjoining heritage streetscape.
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* Royal Exhibition Building- 10 July 2017

Museum Victoria has applied for a Heritage Victoria Permit to carry out works associated with the Federal Government $20 m grant announced in 2012.
CRA has lodged a submission commenting on the proposal to include a new Pavilion on the lower promenade deck.
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*  198-208 Queensberry St – TP-2017-85 – 8 June 2017

Partial demolition of existing building and construction of 15 storey student accommodation. CRA has concerns relating to heritage and over development.
CoM processing.
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* 198-204 Faraday St. TP-1998-331/A: (Crinitis) – 7 June 2017

Seeking to amend a 1998 permit to allow the installation of external speakers.
CRA lodged an objection on amenity grounds, similar to that relating to at Pidapipo Gelateria at 299 Lygon St. (TP-2017-83)
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* 232-234 Faraday St – TP-2016-1128 – 16 May 2017

Partial demolition of existing dwellings and the construction of a new 3 storey and basement for  use as restaurant and dwellings. [This site is zoned residential]. CRA’s concerns relate to compatibility of use and heritage issues.
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Read CoM Notice of Determination

* 123-135 Bouverie St – TP-2017-188  – 12 May 2017

A 13 storey development for use as student accommodation. CRA’s concerns relate to height, heritage and student amenity.
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Notice of Determination

* 121-131 Cardigan St – TP-2016-1047 – 5 April 2017

A 4 to 10 storey proposal. CRA’s concerns relate to the height of the 10 storey section, solar access to the lower south facing open spaces.
Applicant has appealed to VCAT on the grounds that CoM has failed to make a decision within the prescribed time. CRA lodged a submission with VCAT but will not be participating.
Read CRA Objection
Read CRA Statement of Grounds to VCAT

* 191-197 Grattan St – TP-2017-64 – (Prince Alfred Hotel) – 3 April 2017

Partial demolition, buildings and works to the existing building with a resultant increase in floor area, display of business identification signage and waiver of the loading bay and bicycle parking. CRA’s concerns relate to heritage and sustainability issues.
An amended proposal submitted by the applicant generally addressed CRA’s concerns.
CRA withdrew the objection. A permit was issued.
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* 299 Lygon Street – Pidapipo Gelateria – TP-2017-83 – 20 February 2017

The City of Melbourne has received an application to install outdoor speakers at the above address.
Carlton Residents Association believes that the playing of amplified music outside a business premises in Lygon Street is inappropriate and detracts from the quiet enjoyment of food and associated socialising that much of Lygon Streets outdoor area is used for.
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* 10 Magenta Pl – TP-2016-1031 – 3 February 2017

Change of use from warehouse. Amended application lodged reducing the proposal from 6 to 5 storey residential development.
CRA concerned that it exceeds the DDO maximum height of 4 storeys, is an over development of the site and has setback and over shadowing issues.
Read CRA Objection
Read CRA Amended Objection
Read CRA submission to Future Melbourne Committee

* 377-391 Cardigan St – TP-2014-1011/A – 7 December 2016

The Clyde Hotel, proposes to construct a roof top bar. CRA sought permit conditions addressing trading hours, outdoor live music, an acoustic report and a site management plan.
CoM issued permit. The attached conditions largely addressed objector’s concerns.
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* 10 &12 Drummond Place – TP-2016-864 – 6 December 2016

Construct 2 new dwellings on vacant land. CRA has concerns relating to urban design and heritage issues.
CoM issued permit for amended application which largely addressed objectors concerns
Read CRA Objection

* 220-234 Leicester St /197-235 Bouverie St – TP-2016-798 – 23 November 2016

‘Graduate House’ The proposal is to redevelop most of the site, demolishing a large proportion of the terrace housing fronting Leicester St and construct a 12 storey building at the rear. CRA is of the opinion that the demolition is excessive, the proposed 12 stories to the rear is an over development of the site and the facade treatment is unsympathetic to the heritage precinct.
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* 163-165 Canning St – TP-2016-510 – 22 September 2016

Demolition of 2 terrace houses and construction of 2 new dwellings. CRA requested that the CoM commission a heritage report to assess the impact on the existing streetscape.
CoM issued permit determining that the proposed development was generally compliant with the performance standards of Clause 22.05 (Heritage Places outside the Capital City Zone) of the Local Planning Policy Framework.
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* 435-439 Cardigan St – TP-2016-474 – 24 August 2016

Alterations to existing student accommodation complex. CRA sought a site management plan to address neighbourhood amenity issues.
CoM issued permit addressing CRA concerns.
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* 86 – 94 Pelham Street – TP-2015-742  (Cnr Cardigan St) – 05 August 2016 VCAT Order

INITIAL APPLICATION: Construction of an 8 storey mixed use development currently 4 storey height limit with significant heritage assets adjoining.
The Applicant has appealed the CoM Refusal. VCAT hearing scheduled for September 2016.
CRA lodged a submission with VCAT and along with CoM took part in the compulsory conference which resulted in a mediated permit being granted.
The building was reduced in height by 1 storey with corner set backs, in deference to the adjacent heritage buildings.
The applicant has subsequently lodged a request to vary the permit conditions.
Read CRA Objection
Read City of Melbourne Refusal
Read VCAT Order (Permit) Aug 2016 86-94 Pelham St

* 86-94 Pelham St – TP-2015-742/A (Cnr Cardigan St) – 23 December 2015

UPDATE: An application to amend the conditions of a permit issued by VCAT after a mediation conference attended by CoM and CRA in 2016.
It aims to remove the requirement for the negotiated boundary setbacks.
Read CRA Objection.

* 599-605 Swanston St – TP-2016-259 – 21 June 2016

Construction of a 15 storey student accommodation development. CRA concerns related to the heritage, carparking, loading provisions and net community benefit.
Permit issued, negligible concessions to objections.
Read CRA Objection

* 61-63 Little Palmerston St-TP-2014-953 – 07 June 2016

Alterations including 3 storey extension to existing dwelling. CoM is assessing the application.
CRA has objected in relation to the bulk of the proposal and heritage issues.
Permit issued.
Read CRA Objection

* 291- 299 Lygon Street/222 – 224 Faraday Street – King & Godfree – TP-2016-188 – 19 May 2016

This application is for building and works in a Commercial 1 Zone, but it is the change of use which it is designed to accommodate that is CRA’s principal concern. A major roof top restaurant and entertainment venue is proposed, which will accommodate an additional 350 plus patrons, with DJ and amplified music.
CRA attended the VCAT compulsory conference with CoM and 2 other objectors. A mediated outcome resulted in a permit being granted with conditions acceptable to all parties present. 
Read CRA Objection

* 205 – 223 Pelham St/81 Barry St (Reece Site) – TP-2016-46 – 31 March 2016

A change of ownership and the acquisition of the adjoining Barry St site has generated a new application for use of the combined sites for student accommodation. CRA considers the new proposal to be even more inappropriate than the one originally approved by VCAT. (TP-2014-59)
The site is within the extended Capital City Zone with the attendant constraints on third party rights.
However, CRA lodged an objection raising concerns including heritage, traffic, unloading, combined with serious internal amenity issues.
CoM issued a permit with small concessions to CRA concerns.
Read CRA Objection

* 122-136 Berkeley Street – TP-2015-1146 – 15 January 2016

Application for 12 storey development. CRA’s involvement will be constrained due to the subject site falling within the Capital City Zone, however the concerns raised in our objection related to height, lack of on-site loading provisions and the lack of nonresidential on-site car parking.
CoM issued permit, concessions included: reduced height at the east end, creation of a pedestrian through way from front to rear and transfer of    ownership of a portion of the site to CoM to facilitate vehicular access in the rear lane.
Read CRA Objection

* 1-23 Rathdowne Street – TP-2015-636 – 21 December 2015

Change of use from office to Leisure & Recreation – CRA concerns relate to the amenity issue for nearby residents, traffic and car parking.
CoM refused Permit    The applicant has appealed to VCAT.
Subsequently the applicant withdrew the application to be heard at VCAT.

Read CRA Objection
Read CoM refusal here

* 558-568 Swanston Street – TP-2015-1057 – 23 November 2015

17 storey mixed use development proposed for a site with a preferred maximum height of 9 storeys.
The applicant has taken the CoM to VCAT for failure to make a decision within the prescribed time.
CRA was represented for the full 7 days of this VCAT hearing, the outcome of which is still awaited.
VCAT issued permit with minor concessions to CRA concerns.
Read CRA Objection

* 4-12 Leicester Place TP-2015-983 – 29 October 2015

Construction of 20 storey mixed use development on an extremely restricted site accessed by narrow laneways.
Applicant has taken CoM to VCAT for not making a decision within the statutory period.
CRA has objected but has been excluded due to C196.
VCAT upheld CoM decision. Permit refused.
Read CRA Objectiion

* 66-68 Lygon Street – Downtowner – VCAT Appeal – TP-2014-734 – 1 September 2015
Great News: Council refusal to grant a permit is upheld by VCAT!!

Carlton Residents Association believes that this proposal, resulting in a 17 storey building on a site with a preferred height control of 8 storeys is inappropriate. If
approved, this will create a precedent for the low scale south eastern corner of Carlton.
CRA objects for the following reasons:
• The scale, height and bulk are all excessive
• Current planning controls are ignored
• The development is inappropriate within proximity of the Royal Exhibition Building
• The adjacent heritage graded buildings at 53-63 Queensberry Street would be degraded
• The internal amenity of some apartments is substandard
Read CRA Advice to Objectors
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Refusal to Grant permit
Read CRA VCAT Submission
Read VCAT submission supporting documents
Read VCAT Decision

* 101-103 Drummond Street – TP-2015-384 – 11 August 2015

To develop and use the premises for student accommodation
CRA requested appropriate site management controls.
CoM issued a Notice of Determination to grant a permit with conditions addressing CRA’s concerns.
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Notice of Determination to Grant a Permit

*79-87 Canning St – TP-2015-694 – 5 August 2015

Demolish existing building and construct 8 new townhouses
CRA concerns were: overlooking, overshadowing, heritage and set back issues.
CoM issued NOD to grant a permit with conditions partially addressing CRA concerns. CRA will not be appealing the CoM decision.
CoM issued permit
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Notice of Determination

* 391-395 Rathdowne Street TP-2015-583 – 6 July 2015

Ground floor commercial with 4 levels of residential. CoM has issued NOD to approve this revised proposal, which is one storey lower, with a different facade treatment. This addresses CRA’s main concerns. CRA does not anticipate any further action.
The applicant has appealed the conditions imposed by the CoM permit. VCAT hearing will review. CRA does not intend to participate.
A mediated permit was issued at VCAT, with a relaxation of some of the original conditions imposed. The principal gains were the removal of one storey from the original submission and alternative facade treatment.
Read CoM Permit conditions here

* 701-703 Swanston Street – TP-2013-337/A – 1 June 2015

Seeking to amend previous permit conditions to allow playing amplified music on rooftop.
CRA concerned by potential amenity issues for surrounding residents.
City of Melbourne issued NOD to grant a permit with conditions generally addressing CRA’s concerns
CoM approval has been appealed resulting in a VCAT hearing
A subsequent appeal to VCAT has been withdrawn and a permit issued.
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Notice of Determination to grant permit

* Challis Lane – proposal to name lane

Click here for diagram and information

* 41 Macarthur Place South – TP-2014-1013 – 26 May 2015

Concerns regarding height and bulk. Heritage report requested.
Permit issued – revised application generally addressed CRA’s concerns.
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Notice of Determination to Grant a Permit

* 23-31 Lincoln Square South – TP-2015-440 – 25 May 2015
More Great News: Council refusal of permit is upheld by VCAT!

Hearing complete. VCAT upheld CoM refusal to grant permit
Applicant lodged VCAT appeal based on CoM failure to issue a decision within the prescribed time and has lodged amended drawings reducing the number of storeys to 15.
VCAT upheld CoM decision. Permit Refused
Read CRA objection

* 176-178 Canning Street – TP-2015-295 – 13 May 2015

2 Storey extension to existing dwelling.
CRA’s concerns relate to over shadowing of adjoining open space
Permit granted.
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Notice of Determination to Grant a Permit

* 100-102 Bouverie Street – TP-2015-273 – 13 May 2015

VCAT Appeal February 2016
Applicant lodged the appeal based on CoM failure to issue a decision within the prescribed time,
CRA excluded from VCAT hearing as a consequence of the recent gazettal of Amendment C196
Permit granted

Read CRA Objection

* 193-197 Nicholson Street – Fernwood Gymnasium – TP-1998-476/A – 29 April 2015

Permit issued, CRA and objector concerns largely addressed by the permit conditiions.
Read CoM permit conditions
Read CRA Objection

* 53-63 Queensberry Street – TP-2014-399 – 12 January 2015

Romanian Orthodox Church
Application to create permanent vehicular access to Church front garden.
CRA has heritage concerns
CoM refused application.
Applicant has appealed to VCAT.
June 2016 – Mixed ruling by VCAT: Minor building works approved, CoM Heritage Decision Upheld
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Refusal to Grant Permit

* 205-223 Pelham StreetReece PlumbingTP-2014-59 – 16 May 2014

Hearing complete – VCAT decision was to grant a permit
Construction of a 15 storey building for the purpose of dwellings and a ground floor shop and waiver of car parking and loading requirements for the shop.
Read CRA Objection
Read CoM Refusal to Grant a Permit
Read CRA Statement of Grounds for VCAT

* 15 – 31 Pelham St Carlton – TP-2013-630 – 10 October 2013

Carlton Residents Association believes that this proposal,  resulting in an 8 storey building, is inappropriate for the following reasons:

  • The scale, height and bulk are all excessive
  • It is inappropriate within the Royal Exhibition Building World Heritage Buffer zone
  • It degrades the adjacent heritage listed buildings at 31-35 Pelham Street and 150 Drummond St
  • The highly graded heritage streetscapes of Drummond, Rathdowne and Pelham Streets will be severely impacted
  • The amenity of the existing dwellings in the two residential buildings at 121 and 125 –139 Rathdowne Street will be severely diminished

Read CRA Objection
Read CRA Submission to VCAT
The City of Melbourne’s ‘Refusal to Grant a Permit’ was upheld by VCAT at the November 2014 hearing
Read VCAT Decision